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Pricing IconPrices for NCEA Test Materials

NCEA Member Non-member
IFG: ACRE Answer Sheet $2.80 $3.75
IFG: ACRE Booklet $1.25 $1.80
IFG: ACRE Student Report $0.90 $1.10
ACRE Header Sheet no charge no charge
IFG Answer Sheet $5.10 $6.40
IFG Booklet $1.60 $2.15
IFG Header Sheet no charge no charge

Shipping & Handling Charges

ACRE and IFG shipping charges are calculated separately

Answer Sheets or Header Sheets only (any number) $10.50
Individual Student Reports only no charge
1 to 10 Booklets and Answer Sheets (any number) $10.50
11 to 50 Booklets and Answer Sheets (any number) $18.00
51 to 200 Booklets and Answer Sheets (any number) $23.00
over 200 Booklets and Answer Sheets (any number)  $33.00
Overnight Shipping (in addition to regular charges) add 16.00

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NCEA IFG: ACRE Assessment

Software Download

Download the assessment software you need to take the IFG: ACRE assessment. We provide a version for Windows and a version for Mac OS X Operating Systems:

Windows Software Download
MAC OS Software Download
Chromebooks Software Install
iPad Software - Installation Guide

Register for Online Session

Register for a test session, so you can login to the software and take a test.
Session Registration

Documentation & Guides

System Requirements
Minimum requirements for testing devices.

Assessment Registration Guide - Online
Instructions for registering for the ACRE online assessment.

NCEA Installation Guide
Instructions for downloading and installing the software on approved digital devices.

NCEA Administrator Guide
How to administer the online ACRE Assessment.

IFG: ACRE Interpretation Manual
Guide for using the score reports.

ACRE logo

The Information for Growth Assessment of Children/Youth Religious Education (IFG: ACRE for students) helps school, parish and diocesan leaders evaluate the faith knowledge and attitudes of students in Catholic schools and parish-based religious education programs. 

The National Catholic Educational Association Information for Growth: Assessment of Children/Youth Religious Education (NCEA IFG: ACRE edition) is a reliable, tested tool for assessing Catholic religious education programs. Released in Fall 2013, NCEA IFG: ACRE edition intends to help Catholic educators and catechetical leaders evaluate local Catholic parish and school programs by gathering evidence of what particular groups of students know about Catholicism and how their lives reflect development as Christian disciples.

The local site, parish or Catholic school, will receive a group report for each NCEA IFG: ACRE level used. Diocesan level leaders can also request a composite summary report of all NCEA ACRE participating schools and parishes in the (arch)diocese.

Special Services 
When you participate in NCEA IFG: ACRE edition assessments or IFG survey, you are eligible for consultation services from NCEA. Call NCEA at 800-711-6232 any time you have questions about the NCEA IFG: ACRE and IFG assessment tools. Find assessment updates and brochure at .