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IFG: ACRE Answer Sheet $2.80 $3.75
IFG: ACRE Booklet $1.25 $1.80
IFG: ACRE Student Report $0.90 $1.10
ACRE Header Sheet no charge no charge
IFG Answer Sheet $5.10 $6.40
IFG Booklet $1.60 $2.15
IFG Header Sheet no charge no charge

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Answer Sheets or Header Sheets only (any number) $10.50
Individual Student Reports only no charge
1 to 10 Booklets and Answer Sheets (any number) $10.50
11 to 50 Booklets and Answer Sheets (any number) $18.00
51 to 200 Booklets and Answer Sheets (any number) $23.00
over 200 Booklets and Answer Sheets (any number)  $33.00
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Since the late 1970's NCEA has offered assessment instruments designed to strengthen catechetical/religious education programs. Assessment of Catechesis/Religious Education (ACRE for students) helps school, parish and diocesan leaders evaluate the faith knowledge and attitudes of students in Catholic schools and parish-based religious education programs. Information for Growth (IFG for adults) helps faith formation/religious education leaders identify on-going faith formation needs of adults.


NCEA ACRE - Assessment of Catechesis/Religious Education, 2001 Edition
NCEA ACRE is designed to assist in the evaluation of catechetical / religious education programs in Catholic schools and parishes. As an integrated assessment tool, NCEA ACRE provides faith knowledge questions (cognitive domain) and questions related to religious beliefs, attitudes, practices, and perceptions (affective domain). As a multilevel, age appropriate tool, NCEA ACRE is used in grade 5 (Level 1); grades 8 or 9 (Level 2); and grades 11 or 12 (Level 3).

NCEA ACRE Content Specifications
Based on the following Domains or Content Specifications, NCEA ACRE measures religious knowledge, beliefs, attitudes, practices and perceptions.
  • God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
  • Church: One, Holy Catholic and Apostolic
  • Liturgy and Sacraments
  • Revelation: Scripture and Faith
  • Life in Christ: Personal Morality and Catholic Social Teaching
  • Church History
  • Prayer/Religious Practices
  • Catholic Faith Literacy

Group Reports: The local site, parish or Catholic school, will receive a group report for each NCEA ACRE level used. Diocesan level leaders can also request a composite summary report of all NCEA ACRE participating schools and parishes in the (arch)diocese. Each report will include
  • An item-by-item breakdown of the group's responses
  • A graphic summary of group responses for religious knowledge
  • A curriculum/program needs assessment summary
  • A set of seven graphic summaries according to the following reporting categories:
    1. Catholic Identity
    2. Images of God
    3. Morality
    4. Relationship with Jesus
    5. Student"s Concerns
    6. Relationship with Others
    7. Perception about School/Parish Religious Education Program
Optional, individual student reports on the faith knowledge section only will be available by request from the local site at an additional cost. In addition to these optional individual student reports and the local site group report, participants will receive yearly updated national statistics.

NCEA ACRE Scoring:
There is no set time for administering NCEA ACRE to students. The answer sheets can be scored any time during the year.