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Pricing IconPrices for NCEA Test Materials

NCEA Member Non-member
IFG: ACRE Answer Sheet $2.80 $3.75
IFG: ACRE Booklet $1.25 $1.80
IFG: ACRE Student Report $0.90 $1.10
ACRE Header Sheet no charge no charge
IFG Answer Sheet $5.10 $6.40
IFG Booklet $1.60 $2.15
IFG Header Sheet no charge no charge

Shipping & Handling Charges

ACRE and IFG shipping charges are calculated separately

Answer Sheets or Header Sheets only (any number) $10.50
Individual Student Reports only no charge
1 to 10 Booklets and Answer Sheets (any number) $10.50
11 to 50 Booklets and Answer Sheets (any number) $18.00
51 to 200 Booklets and Answer Sheets (any number) $23.00
over 200 Booklets and Answer Sheets (any number)  $33.00
Overnight Shipping (in addition to regular charges) add 16.00

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About NCEA Assessments


"How effective is your parish or school's Religious Education Program? The newly revised NCEA ACRE testing program has arrived and will meet your needs to demonstrate the effectiveness of catechesis to today's youth. As a member of the writing team for this contemporary assessment tool, I can assure you that the latest and the greatest - a fresh "read" is here on how we have evangelized our kids in light of the faith."
- Sr. Antoine Therese Lawlor, IHM, MA Assistant Superintendent for Religious Education Diocese of Camden Camden, NJ

"ACRE and IFG have been integral parts of our efforts to both affirm and challenge all who are involved in the faith formation efforts of the Diocese of St. Petersburg. The valid and reliable results have served us as we celebrate our strengths and consider the needs in areas for growth. ACRE and IFG results provide valuable building blocks as we form the Church of today and tomorrow."
- Brian Lemoi Director of Religious Education Diocese of St. Petersburg St. Petersburg, FL

"ACRE is a most effective instrument for helping catechetical leaders measure how well they are meeting the goals of their religion programs for developing Catholic identity, faith, and values in children and youth. I would encourage any Catholic school or parish religion program to incorporate this valuable tool into its religion curriculum." Monsignor
-John M. Unger Associate Superintendent for Religious Education Archdiocese of St. Louis

"When I receive the anonymous group IFG report for each of my classes, I gain information on their beliefs, attitudes, religious practice and religious knowledge, and have gained valuable insights so as to be able to adjust course content to meet their needs. As individuals, they are grateful for the personal survey report each receives. I find that the Information for Growth survey is a really valuable tool for the continued formation of our Catholic school teachers."

- Brother Theodore Drahmann, FSC Professor of Education Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota

Since the late 1970's NCEA has offered assessment instruments designed to strengthen catechetical/religious education programs. The Information for Growth Assessment of Children/Youth Religious Education (IFG: ACRE for students) helps school, parish and diocesan leaders evaluate the faith knowledge and attitudes of students in Catholic schools and parish-based religious education programs. Information for Growth (IFG for adults) helps faith formation/religious education leaders identify on-going faith formation needs of adults.

Logo AcreIFG: ACRE Assessment

NCEA IFG: ACRE is designed to assist in the evaluation of catechetical / religious education programs in Catholic schools and parishes. As an integrated assessment tool, NCEA IFG: ACRE provides faith knowledge questions (cognitive domain) and questions related to religious beliefs, attitudes, practices, and perceptions (affective domain). As a multilevel, age appropriate tool, NCEA ACRE is used in grade 5 (Level 1); grades 8 or 9 (Level 2); and grades 11 or 12 (Level 3).

The local site, parish or Catholic school, will receive a group report for each NCEA IFG: ACRE level used. Diocesan level leaders can also request a composite summary report of all NCEA ACRE participating schools and parishes in the (arch)diocese.

logo IFGIFG Survey

The Information for Growth (IFG) survey is designed to assist individuals in assessing their personal level of religious knowledge and spirituality. It also provides parishes, schools, diocesan offices, and adult faith formation program leaders with group data to use in planning ongoing faith formation initiatives. The 2006 Revised IFG bases its blueprint on the Six Dimensions of Adult Faith Formation Content as outlined in the U.S. Bishops' document, Our Hearts Were Burning Within Us: A Pastoral Plan for Adult Faith Formation in the United States.

Each participant will receive an individualized and confidential summary of information based on the IFG questions. The group coordinator (Parish Director of Religious Education, School Principal, Adult Education Director, Director of the Catechumenate, Catechetical Leader, etc.) automatically receives a local group summary report.

NCEA ACRE and IFG Orders, Scoring and Reporting Activities
NCEA owns and maintains both NCEA IFG: ACRE and IFG. Call 800-711-6232 for information on the administration and interpretation of NCEA IFG: ACRE. Go to to find out more about NCEA IFG: Educational Testing Services (ETS) is NCEA's outsourcer for order fulfillment, scoring and reporting activities. Order Test Materials for NCEA ACRE and IFG online or call 866-406-3850. Please Note: Make checks for materials payable to ETS.

Cost of Assessments
NCEA IFG: ACRE and IFG question booklets can be reused from year to year. Answer sheets for each assessment need to be reordered each year. Click for Prices for Test Materials and Shipping & Handling charges.

Special Services
When you participate in NCEA IFG: ACRE edition assessments or IFG survey, you are eligible for consultation services from NCEA. Call NCEA at 800-711-6232 any time you have questions about the NCEA IFG: ACRE and IFG assessment tools. Find assessment updates and brochure at .